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How to get here?
The capital San José is served by many airlines company.
From the airport of San José you can access many tourist sites from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean coast and vice versa. There are many bus lines that connect the different regions at very affordable prices.
There are different bus stations depending on your final destination. Check at the point of departure to make sure that the bus serves the place you are going to.
To reach Finca Ardilla, you must take the bus at the "San Carlos" station in the direction of Puerto-Viejo de Talamanca and get off at this stop. We can arrange your transfer upon arrival.
If you don't want to take the bus, you can rent a car, but the prices vary a lot between the different companies, the season and the type of vehicle. We advise you to study the offers before your departure.
Do not rely on the mileage to organize your trip. It is not uncommon to take 5 hours to travel the 220 kilometers from San Jose to Puerto-Viejo de Talamanca, and this is the case throughout the country, transportation times are very long.
If your flight arrives late in the evening, we suggest that you spend a night (or more) in San Jose, as it is safer to take the road during the day and especially it allows you to enjoy the view of beautiful landscapes.
Another good reason to stay a while in San José is to discover its cultural offer in terms of museums: art museum, insects museum, pre-Columbian gold museum...
San José is the starting point for many excursions. One of the most popular excursions around the city is to the Irazu volcano in the morning, followed in the afternoon by a visit to the ruins of Ujarras and its lake.
To prepare your trip there are many tourist guides on the destination and well documented websites to give you ideas for itineraries and excursions. The tourist sites are less frequented in the "green season".
In the area around the Finca, we can help and advise you. Do not hesitate to ask us. We have a large choice of excursions from the most classic to the most original.
The currency is the colon, but in the majority of stores, prices are also displayed in dollars, and international credit cards accepted almost everywhere.
The capital is San José. It is a small country of 51 000 km2, with 5 million inhabitants, who speak Spanish and some English. They are 95% Catholic.
Health :
No vaccinations are required to visit Costa Rica
Seasons :
There are two seasons in Costa Rica, the dry season from December to April and the green season, much wetter from May to November. Temperatures are pleasant all year round and on the coasts never fall below 20°.But in altitude, temperatures can be chilly, so don't forget to take a vest if you plan to go there.
The country code is 506, followed by 8 numbers
Food and water:
In most cases the water is drinkable, but for foreigners we recommend drinking bottled mineral water (there are some very good local mineral waters). Don't forget to try the delicious fresh fruit juices and smoothies.
The locally produced coffee is famous, you can find it everywhere. For the amateurs, many cocktails are made with rum.
The local cuisine is prepared with black and red beans, yucca, vegetables, rice and onions cooked with beef, chicken and various fish.
Many dishes are served with a spicy sauce, but it is rarely spicy.
The fish is very fresh and is often grilled.

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Do not hesitate to subscribe to our page for the latest updates.

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GPS Coordinates :  N  9°37'33''  -  O  82°44'06''
WhatsApp : +506 61 74 08 80 and (+506) 83 22 77 73
Sinpe Mobil : +506 61 74 08 80 ( Finca Ardilla de Cocles)

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